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Monday, May 3, 2010

Day 13 of 175

Well, I can tell that my stomach is getting flatter. My love handles / sides aren't going away as quickly as I want them to. My man boobs aren't really going away as fast as I want them to either.

I'll admit, towards the last part of the school semester, I haven't had much time to do any exercise. I committed to an exercise plan and did it for a few months but then all of the sudden I have so much more to do and not enough time to exercise.

I know I will need to find the time to just do 20 minutes of exercise a day to keep losing weight. I think that's one of the absolute main reasons I am not losing weight on the scale right now.

My diet is going well. Still trying my absolute best not to eat cheese. I am still not drinking soda, or if I do it's a caffeine free sprite when my wife and I go to the theater. I just don't feel like paying 3.75$ for a bottle of water when I could get a large sprite to share at the same price.

Also, something else my wife and I are doing to cut back is instead of getting a large popcorn with extra butter, we scaled it back to a small without butter. That should save a lot of calories right there.

I have noticed something about my stomach lately. I never really paid attention until now... but it doesn't really take much food for me to feel satisfied. If you eat until you are full and stop, regardless if you have food on your plate - you won't get that overly full feeling. It's as simple as that.

I guess as an American we want to "get our monies worth," but in the food industry - you get fat getting your monies worth! And you get fat because of the things that society tells you that you should eat.

Here's another tip, for those of you who are trying to lose weight: If you have a spouse or boyfriend/girlfriend - instead of ordering two separate entrees, order one and split it in half. You will get full, you won't waste food, and you'll pay half the cost. Besides, who doesn't get at least a little full on breadsticks, salad, chips and salsa or dinner rolls? Go easy on the bread though!

I tell yah, if I lose another 50 pounds, I'm going to write a dang book!

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