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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Day 11 of 175

Lost another 1.1 pounds. My Wii is happy for me. lol!

I had a small set back last night. I had pizza, because there wasn't anything else to eat. Oh well, all is good. Today I ate some spinach, green beans and a hamburger patty. I won't be able to eat this evening until I come home after work. I'm going to try a new rule: NO FOOD AFTER 7PM.

1. No Soda
2. No cheese
3. No food after 7PM

So, I broke a rule yesterday, but I can't be good all the time. At least I'm watching my portion sizes. I'm sure that after I get over this small plateau/hump in my weight loss plan that I'll lose a lot more weight. Just gotta get over it. I am determined to get over the hump and get down under 200 pounds

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