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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Day 22 of 175

My weight has rebounded a bit. I'm back up to 243.5 pounds. Over the last two days I've gained about 3.7 pounds. YAY! I guess I slipped up too much over the last two days. I need to really crack down and get back on my diet. Because I don't have school, it's easy to grab something out and eat it without a second thought.

I haven't been exercising this week because it is finals week and I'm not at school. I guess I need to go for a jog around the neighborhood before I sit down to do some work today. I'm also stressed about money right now - so I'm sure that doesn't help anything at all. Life will be ok. Everything will work out. I just need to breathe.

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  1. Hi again! Yes im having also a little setback. I reached my main goal and now its so hard to get back into the diet routine, i keep having those "free" days and i just maintain my weight atm. Having exams and money problems doesnt help:/. Hold on! At least we can control what we eat (sounds so anorectic but its true:D).